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As one of the largest AI teams in Europe, we work with the analysis of sound, image, speech, text, Big Data, and more. In our work, we use the latest methods of machine learning (including deep neural networks), extensive data, state-of-the-art sensors and first-class computing resources. Our ready-made solutions are released on Samsung devices used by hundreds of millions people all over the world. Our ideas win AI competitions and feature in research conferences. Let’s build the AI future together, join us!

Natural language processing

Natural language processing

Understanding and processing human languages is surprisingly difficult for computers. This is because natural languages are not only complex, but also imprecise, ambiguous and nuanced.

For example, the same word can have completely different meanings, depending on the context. The same thought can be formulated in many different ways. Some expressions need to be understood metaphorically, otherwise they make no sense.

We have a large team of researchers, engineers and linguists working on Natural Language Processing (NLP), in such areas as question answering, machine translation, dialogue systems, text mining, and many others.

Digital health

Digital health

Did you know that we spend full 25 years on sleeping? What can you do to spend that time efficiently?

At Samsung we care about your sleep. Thanks to the Samsung Health application, we can monitor both your sleep patterns and the quality of your sleep. Next, we analyze the data and provide useful hints on how to improve your sleep and – maybe even – get better dreams.

Samsung Health can help you track all your activities: from running, through hiking and Pilates, to yachting and hula-hooping. But giving recommendations which disregard your preferences and condition can be quite risky. Just imagine getting encouragement to run while you’re taking a nap with a broken leg – frustrating, right? That’s why we apply intelligent data analysis to all Samsung products, in order to improve the health and life quality of millions of users.



Sound brings joy to our life. The audio signal is very informative.

We believe that next-generation devices will react to the acoustic context just like people do. At Samsung R&D Center, we develop an advanced technology that takes the raw waveform and either transforms it into meaningful information, or enhances it to create new experiences. The technology recognizes sounds and matches them with visual clues.

Our work usually starts with the raw audio signal captured by microphones. Next, we use the newest audio processing algorithms to clean it and prepare it for the AI magic. We use state-of-the-art methods, backed by hundreds of GPUs, to create deep neural networks tailored for the audio domain. We like to think that we teach machines to hear.

Visual computing

Visual computing

And how about teaching machines to look at the world? We implement this incredible capability on our devices. To achieve this, we use state-of-the-art visual sensors and build our vision platforms.

Our engineers create advanced solutions that make Samsung excel both in the popular area of mobile digital photography, and in the new, exciting world of Augmented Reality. We create technologies that enable our devices to see – to be aware of the spatial, physical environment, as well as to have semantic understanding of the space around them.

We feel enthusiastic about virtual scene rendering, because our technology can seamlessly mix real and artificial objects. Our engineers take the best out of classical algorithms and AI, make them work on-device and in real time, and deliver powerful solutions to the market.

Recommendation systems

Recommendation systems

Recommendation systems are everywhere, but most of the time users have no idea they are using them.

Just imagine browsing through thousands of products online, looking for a specific item. The website magically discovers user preferences for certain product features and selects products that are expected to attract the user. At Samsung R&D Center, we go beyond such classic Recommendation systems.

We implement deep learning and the broad context to do the task with the highest accuracy – in the end, who wants a pair of shoes when looking for a book? Our systems need to work efficiently for hundreds of millions of users, so you will meet Mr. Big Data here as well.

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