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Samsung R&D Institute Poland

About us

Samsung R&D Institute Poland is one of the largest research and development hubs in Poland with offices in Warsaw and Cracow. This is where Samsung Electronics’ highest-quality software is created. The work of our engineers influences the future operation of our flagship mobile device and television models, mobile networks, multimedia installations, robots, intelligent buildings, and more.

Who we are

Our team is composed of experts who specialise in a variety of fields. We cooperate to create an environment in which we can share knowledge and experience. We allow space for independent work which also helps in the creation of original solutions. Together, we look for non-standard answers that help us to truly innovate.

If you share our belief that the power of technology can change the world, you are passionate about your work, naturally curious and eager to learn, then this is the right place for you. We know how to provide you with the exact conditions you will need to be able to develop. We’re looking for people who can translate bold visions of the future into real projects and products.

What we do

Our software can be found in the top range of the products of the brand, especially in mobile devices and televisions used by customers all over the world. We also design and implement solutions in areas such as AI, multimedia, cloud-based websites, data analysis, robotics, IT security and IoT. We work with artificial intelligence algorithms, machine learning, sound and speech analysis and image and natural language processing, as well as data analysis and information security. We are co-creators of the voice service Bixby, the Tizen platform, mobile payments services, mobile health services, optimisation systems for mobile device gaming and Samsung Cloud. We design, create and test solutions for access and backbone networks in 5G technology based on the latest Cloud solutions.

Samsung R&D Institute Poland in numbers

160 groups

Every year, 160 project groups develop software for smartphones, TVs, smart vacuum cleaners, refrigerators and robots.

200 applications

We have filed over 200 patent applications.

150 seminars

150 technology seminars take place annually in our R&D.

12 000 000 kilometres

Working in international teams means that we cover even up to 12 million kilometres a year by plane.

9 000 training hours

Every year we conduct 9,000 training hours, ensuring the continuous development of our experts.

60 scientific papers

Our engineers compose 60 scientific papers per year.

Competence areas

Artificial intelligence

As one of the largest AI teams in Europe, we work with the analysis of sound, image, speech, text, Big Data, NLP, and more. We base our work on the latest methods of machine learning (including deep neural networks), extensive data resources and appropriate computing resources. We implement ready-made solutions into the products used by hundreds of millions of people all over the world.
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Bixby voice assistant

We are co-creators of Bixby – a next-generation service that changes the way users interact with their devices. Our laboratory is a place where engineers, researchers and expert linguists collaborate on innovative products for the multilingual European market. We are in the process of developing speech recognition and speech synthesising software.

Digital television technologies

We develop software for devices for receiving digital television, including smart TVs and large format panels (LFD, The Wall). We take care to ensure that the solutions we provide are of the highest quality, giving maximum satisfaction to our customers.

Software platforms

We actively participate in the development and improvement of the software platform Tizen, which is used in many consumer electronics products. We take care of the security of solutions in the field of digital information. We co-create a software platform for robots and work with many engineers from around the world on open-source software.

Mobile technologies

We create high-quality software for intelligent mobile products, including mobile devices, tablets, and the growing market of wearables and IoT devices. We work in various layers and areas - from telecommunications, hardware and low-level software, through middleware, to applications. Our mission is to create efficient, robust and secure software for technically advanced products.

On a daily basis, we also work on a mobile games optimisation system, services in the area of mobile health (Samsung Health) and mobile payments (Samsung Pay). We also work with the Samsung Cloud project, within which we are building a cloud-based platform using container technology for internal company needs.

We also evangelise the market about Samsung products and technologies. We conduct workshops and technical consultations for customers, after which we design and build "tailor-made" solutions for them. We also provide technical after-sales support for our business partners.

Internet of Things

We are developing an operating system that allows users to manage multiple mobile and home appliances - including TVs, washing machines, fridges or even light bulbs. This provides programmers with tools that are not available on any other platform, which allows them to develop a complete ecosystem. Thanks to the integration of AI technology, we provide users with the ability to intelligently manage their home or office space.

In our hub we are developing all the layers of the platform, starting from the drivers and the system core, the operating system library, and ending with the application layer. We do all this on prototype devices that will come to see the light of day in a few years. We are also constantly looking for new applications for the IoT world.

Digital networks of mobile devices

We are working on the latest commercial solutions for LTE and 5G NR (New Radio). We are creating software for the processing connections, access network (RAN) and backbone network (Core) as well as analytical solutions for the self-organizing networks (SON).

Cloud solutions

We work in many areas on a cloud solution for Samsung’s internal needs and on a virtualisation of network functions based on OpenStack. We also develop platforms, software and infrastructure as cloud services and we cooperate with many companies which use our services to optimise solutions.

Solution testing and quality assurance

We focus on software quality and the development process. We keep up-to-date with regard to all projects in our research hub. Using the most modern solutions, we handle their specification, the verification of software quality and conduct rigorous testing in many places all over the world.

What we offer

We focus on development  and education

We focus on development
and education

We give you the opportunity to develop technological competences, work on innovative projects, offer internal and external training, participation in workshops and hackathons. Above all, however, we share the knowledge of our experts.

We work with the latest technologies

We work with the latest technologies

In fact, we create them ourselves. We also give fans of technological innovations the opportunity to test the latest Samsung devices.

We build a culture conducive to creative work and development

We build a culture conducive to creative work and development

We work as a team and focus on collaboration. We organise group activities, such as evenings playing board games, learning to play Korean drums, table football championships, and many, many more. All our teams also receive an additional, monthly budget for integration.

We work in an international environment

We work in an international environment

We enable learning Korean and subsidize English lessons. If you dream of working on a project in South Korea, you can make it happen thanks to the Global Mobility programme.

We care about our employees’ health, work-life balance  and physical condition

We care about our employees’ health, work-life balance
and physical condition

We offer medical care, including dental care, for you and your family. You can also join the life insurance program, use the Multisport card, or become a member of one of our sports teams - football, basketball or squash. In addition, we offer lunch cards, fresh fruit and vegetables in the kitchen twice a week, free admission to the Copernicus Science Centre, and discounts on theatre tickets.

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